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Video: Seating Beads with Flames


Sharing this video is a Catch-22- on the one hand it’s pretty impressive to witness the laws of physics work so harmoniously to achieve an end result.. Especially when said end result can be frustratingly difficult. On the other hand, playing with flammable liquids, open flames (in the case a cannon fuse) can lead to […] More »

  Comments | By - August 16, 2016

Video: A Four Wheeler You’ll Wish to Forget


Backyard engineering is the art of developing a machine or a modification much in the way MacGyver used to escape hopeless situations: with abundant creativity. Usually we tip our collective hats to some of the wildly inventive solutions we encounter this way. Other times the only logical conclusion is “What in the world were they […] More »

  Comments | By - August 10, 2016

Friday Funny: Driveway Jump 3-Wheeler Fail


The CPSC banned 3-wheelers years ago, but some of us have to know for sure just how unstable things can get. And what better way to test such things than to jump over one’s driveway? Having cackling friends with video cameras rolling for moral support never hurts, either.

  Comments | By - July 29, 2016

Friday Funny: Furry Riding Partner


We’ve all heard it said hundreds of times:┬ádog is man’s best friend. This week’s clip takes the concept one step further by proving dog can also be man’s best ATV riding partner.

  Comments | By - July 22, 2016

Friday Funny: Eddie Bo Goes Swimming


This week’s clip reminds us all that not only is it unwise to leave your helmet at home, but when you’re Eddie Bo, you may also want to bring your swim cap along for the ride:

  Comments | By - July 15, 2016

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