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ATV Video: We All Start Somewhere

When it comes to ATVs, most of can probably be grateful there wasn’t a camera around the first time we got underway. Unfortunately for young Cannon, dad’s got the cell phone on video record mode when he discovers that throttle control is one of those skills that take time to develop:

  Comments | By - March 22, 2017

ATV Video: Man Vs. Ramps

Some people just set themselves up for failure. Case in point: This guy without a shirt in the saddle of a Honda 300EX and a Port-O-Potty behind him. Factor in other such oversights as a tailgate missing its leveling support straps, a big toolbox occupying 1/3 of his truck’s bed and some mediocre clutch control […] More »

  Comments | By - March 16, 2017

Video: SxS Finish Line Triple Crash & Burn

Sometimes when you watch powersports racing on TV, it all starts to look easy. You start thinking, well anyone can do that! This isn’t one of those clips.

  Comments | By - March 8, 2017

ATV Video: The Last ATC Holdout

It’s a safe bet you wouldn’t be reading this post if you didn’t fancy yourself an ATV enthusiast on some level. It’s also a safe bet your degree of enthusiasm falls a little short of this guy’s! The last production three-wheeler may have been 1988 but the subject of this week’s ATV video clip isn’t […] More »

  Comments | By - February 2, 2017

ATV Video: Homemade Tank Straight Out of Russia

We’re no strangers to backyard engineering around here but it seems like every time we check out a clip from Russia, the bar gets set higher and higher. Take this week’s video- nothing beats some off-road fun in the snow like a personal tank. And that’s exactly what someone built:

  Comments | By - January 26, 2017

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