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Friday Funny: Mall Security Cam


Imagine it- you and your good buddy decide to, for whatever reason, load up your ATV onto the back of your truck in the Sears parking lot on a busy shopping day. What could go wrong? Well we’ll give you a few hints- improperly secured ramps, too much throttle and those pesky security cameras being […] More »

  Comments | By - June 24, 2016

Video: Fast Fails of the Donut Variety


America may run on Dunkin but when it comes to ATVs, donuts are usually served with a side of humble pie rather than coffee: Click Here

  Comments | By - June 9, 2016

For Sale: 1 GSX-R600 Powered Golf Cart


Your friendly ATVConnection editors are no stranger to sharing with you, our loyal readers, the crazy contraptions that backyard engineers create after a few too many beers, but here’s a new one even for us. According to an actual eBay listing, someone was looking to part ways with a 1986 EZ-Go Marathon with a 2002 […] More »

  Comments | By - May 16, 2016

ATV Video: You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round


Picture it: date night. You and your beloved Yamaha Banshee are in for a night of ethanol-induced good times, and perhaps a little dancing after. But you panic¬†…¬†when dancing with your quad, who leads? Thanks to the power of the Internet, this age-old question has finally been answered. But remember, whatever you do, don’t let […] More »

  Comments | By - May 4, 2016

Future ATV Anti-Theft Device Video


Sure, right now this effective yet hilarious feat of backyard engineering is limited to bicycles, we have absolutely no trouble envisioning this concept in the realm of ATVs. After all, all bets are off when it comes to those individuals willing to take another person’s property:

  Comments | By - February 11, 2016

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