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Old 01-04-2006, 08:06 PM
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Default Baja Motorsports 90cc

A couple other questions for you 90cc owners -

- Has anyone put paddle tires on this unit? If so how many scoops are you using?
- Does this machine have a manual start (in case the electric start won't start it)?

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Old 01-04-2006, 09:28 PM
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Default Baja Motorsports 90cc

Hi all,

My boy is having a bit of trouble getting through sand. With 7 pounds of air as recommended by the manual the quad will dig into the sand and gets struck quite easily. I took a bit of air out of the tires, but it than did not have enough power to get up small sand inclines.

Has anybody played around with lower gearing? Put on bigger tires?

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Old 01-05-2006, 05:22 PM
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Default Baja Motorsports 90cc

I bought my son one of those cheap (great price) Blue Baja 90s, they were out of the green ones and gave me the "upgaded Blue model (has very nice looking speedometer). Once I had read these positings (thanks for the great advice and warnings), I thouroughly inspected the little 90 and here is what I have found, fixed and adjusted thus far (it now has 50km on the odometer).

1. it was hard to start and keep ideling at 1st, but it is getting easier as we add running time, engine seems to be performing better as it gets more broke in.
2. Oil was pouring out of engin overflow pipe the 1st time I ran the back wheels in the air ( plave a sement center block under the rear axil guard, it give enough clearance that the back wheels are of the ground and you can rev the engin and let it spin freely). I AGREE, change the engin oil ASAP, mine was overfilled and when I drained the oil, it had small peices of shiny stuff in it. It only take 1 quart of oil, thus for <$2, you will know you have good oil in your engin.
3. Front mud flaps broke the day I brought it home. This stuff is junk (other have also reported problems with them). I went to my Tractor supply store and bought 3 feet of 8inch wide Hay Bailer belt material (this is reinforced rubber belts sold by the foot). Cut copies of the two mud flaps using a jig saw, drilled holes, smoothed holes by pushing a very hot screw driver through the drilled holes (this helps melt the rubber and makes nice smooth holes, just don;t breath the fumes). I left the flaps wider than originals, with the wider section towards the engin (this should help keep splashing out of the air intake).
4. Tires, yes I'd like to put wider tires on the back, maybe even slightly higher once (this thing will berry the back wheels in soft mud).

Happy riding, my 7year old is having a blast!

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Old 06-15-2006, 09:57 AM
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Default Baja Motorsports 90cc


Do your tuning procedures apply to all China ATV's? There is a Jetmoto 150 on the way as we speak.

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Old 06-20-2006, 12:55 AM
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Default Baja Motorsports 90cc

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Old 06-20-2006, 11:03 AM
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Default Baja Motorsports 90cc

Originally posted by: GNXGuy

Do your tuning procedures apply to all China ATV's? There is a Jetmoto 150 on the way as we speak.

His suggestions work well with any and all chinese quads.

Congratulations on your Jetmoto 150 purchase and let us all knowm how it goes.
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Old 07-05-2006, 06:02 PM
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Default Baja Motorsports 90cc

Does anyone know where I can get a manual for these online?

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Old 07-05-2006, 06:21 PM
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Default Baja Motorsports 90cc

Have any of you guys looked at the Marshin ATV's from Blue Ridge Imports?? They sell them on Ebay and you can buy directly from them. I have 2 150's that have the GY6 motor. I have had NO trouble with my 2. The 150 now has Dual Arrm. If you are looking for a new quad ya might want check them out...and no I don't sell them[img]i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif[/img] They have a 90, 110, 150,250,300
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Old 10-10-2006, 12:50 PM
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Default Baja Motorsports 90cc

I bought 2 90cc baja quads. One is being use quite alot and is working fine( aside from having to tighten up screws and nuts and bolts regularly). The other one ( hardly used)is complete junk, leakes oil. I went to change the oil so I used the manual. Well the illustrations in the manual are completely wrong. it shows pictures or the wrong bolt to take out to drain the oil. I took it out and when I put it back in the housing around the bolt just broke apart. This quad is now useless. I would have never taken that bolt out if I wasn't using thier directions. baja motorsports are now giving me the run around. Constantly putting me on hold, they are not knowledgable, I can hardly understand what some of the people are saying due to heavy hispanic accents. All I wanted to do is change the oil and maintian this quad but you can't even do that by using the manual. Another issue that might help people is we had a problem with one when we went camping. We had to leave the quads outside. It rained hard and water got into the air filter and air intake and the quad wouldn't start. I drianed the carb throught the drian port and dried the airfilter out and it started right up. I hope that info helps someone.I will never buy anything but a honda or yamaha again.
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Old 07-13-2008, 09:34 PM
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Default Baja Motorsports 90cc

2manytoys.........we have a 2007 Baja 250. Not sure if you are even still online. I have loved your replies to other posts and they have been useful for us. The atv has been great for over a year. But now, the transmission will not shift down to neutral and there is no first gear. does that indicate that the transmission is going out? You can pull start it in 2nd. One guy who had a blog said that he took the right side motor cover off and there was a piece of metal, he removed it, and it fixed the problem. We are reluctant. We use the bike on the ranch mostly for irrigating, working prairie dogs and foxtail, chasing some errant cows, and chopping ice on the pond in winter. It has been wonderful for those chores. It has even started consistently in winter. Even though it is not used hard, it is used consistently. Any ideas? We do not want to tear into it if we have no clue and we are in a rural area where most mechanics would scoff at our chinese cheapy. We have a yamaha 350 raptor, got it on a deal, but this one works much better for our needs. The yamaha is a pain with the clutch when getting on and off alot within about 20 yards and it is very hard to start. A really cold machine. Once warm, it is good to go, but it is sure not the hop on and go bike like we need here on the ranch. A 250 is really all we need for what we do on 110 acres with a small herd of about 60. Any ideas how to fix that cold start problem too? Just seeking advice if you are still online. Thanks.
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