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Old 10-10-2013, 10:36 PM
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Default 2000 kodiak 400 ultramtic keeps blowing fuse

had a problem with the kodiak 400 atv started kept running, and then quit and the bike would not start at all but light showed on the display. Trouble shot the problem back to a faulty starter relay/solenoid under the seat , 65 buck at dealership to replace and so I go one and replace it myself. Started the bike ok today and went down the field for a spin hit a bump the bike started to spit and studder and loose power , all a sudden it quit?? tryed to re-start no power at all no display lights, had to get my son with his little kawasaki kfx90 to pull my big bike home. OK got home found 30amp fuse in the new starter relay i just replaced was blown. Seeing how the fuses where in the relay when i bought it new I thought ok maybe just a shitty fuse perhaps the part got banged around a bit in shipping to the dealership where i bought the part. Replaced fuses and started the bike, started OK and Idle OK , first shot of gas POP THERE GOES THE FUSE AGAIN WTF ??? HMM try another fuse start bike POP THERE GOES ANOTHER FUSE WHEN I HIT THE GAS... frustrated and pissed I said better leave this for tomorrow and hopefully I'll find some online info and have a little better temper to trouble shoot tomorrow. What I found on line was it could be a wire that lost it's coating and is grounding out on the frame or somewhere .. (GONNA LOOK AT THE WIRE FROM THE DISPLAY AND IGNITION THAT RUN DOWN THE STEERING COLUMN as stated these wire are bad for wearing and grounding out ...also another fellow mentioned the wire to the started on his bike was grounding out on the carb and causing fuses to blow ?? maybe something else to look at

my biggest fear is it may be the voltage regulator/rectifier given to much power to the battery and blowing the fuse ... (GONNA LOOK AT THIS TOMORROW START BIKE AT IDLE AND SEE WHAT THE BATT VOLTAGE IS GIVE IT A SHOT OF GAS AND SEE IT THE VOLTAGE GOES PAST 14 OR SO AND POPS THE FUSE did not have time to check as was pressed for daylight to check these things do not have a garage to work in , bike stays covered outside in fenced in yard. Some one said unplug voltage regulator and start bike and see if you can rev it without the fuse blowing?? if the fuse does not blow the regulator must be the problem ?? good but another said don't do that as unplugging the regulator does not give the stator a place to send the power to the battery and ya can burn out the stator hhmm good point i tought . SO where do I start besides the obvious looking for bare spots in the wire harness where something may be grounding out .. ANYONE RUN INTO A PROBLEM AS SUCH ..WHERE DID YA START OR ANY TIPS ON HOW TO TEST THE REGULATOR . i think i will start the bike and wiggle the wire harness in various places and see if i can blow the fuse given me indication that the location of the problem is within the area where I shook the wires .... tips or feedback ,, diagram on the voltage or wire harness ..would be great and you can email it at tcboudreau@ns.symptaico.ca really a manual on this bike would be sweet if anyone has one and can e-mail me a copy in pdf format

ps thanks for taking th etime to read this long *** post. any info i'd be thankful for ..
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Old 10-11-2013, 11:44 PM
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Default problem found

found the wire to the from diff servo for the 4x4 was chewed up pretty bad and the wire was grounding out on the frame . when I'd rev the bike up the vibration was making the wire move and contact the frame shorting out and blowing the main fuse each time i gave it gas . first electrical taped up the wires and then used shrink wrap on them , disconnected the servo plug and cleaned all the points in the connector , cleaned off the ground plug on the servo and place wires back on . Also found a flat spot on the wire from the voltage regulator not bad but potential there that it may have grounded also on the .did the same thing to the wires , used tie wires and tied the wires back to the frame now that they are all shrink wrapped up ........ ran the bike all day down yard work ..so far so good did not pop a fuse all day .
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