December 22nd, 2014

Ask The Editors: Come on Baby Wrap My Tires

Dear ATVC: I was researching tracks for use in snow and came across an article made it sound like there are track wraps to be purchased for your tires that would give incredible traction in the snow BUT the only place I have been able to find these referenced is in that thread. Help! Who [...]

December 19th, 2014

Honda Powersports Photos of the Week: Red Rod’s Hot Rod

This week’s photos of the week come from forum member Red400EXRod, who despite his user name, is actually rocking one sharp Honda TRX450R. He doesn’t have a whole lot of specs listed but there appears to be some aftermarket love scattered about from the bars to the a-arms and the seatcover to the shock covers. [...]

December 18th, 2014

Technology Report: Lithium-ion Batteries

The Future of Batteries Has Finally Arrived Anyone who has ever plugged a cell phone into a charger is already familiar with lithium-ion batteries. Known for their reliable use and fairly quick charge times, lithium-ion has been the go-to power source for consumer electronics for years (laptops, tablets, phones) but of late it appears the [...]

December 17th, 2014

Weekly Used ATV Deal: Honda 450R On The Cheap

We’re not going to candy coat it; winter’s rough! Fortunately what the world considers the “off-season” is in fact the hotbed for good deals on used equipment. Your ATV Connection editors are, as always, searching the depths of SprocketList in the hopes of helping locate a previously loved machine that can make snow rides a [...]

December 16th, 2014

Quad Radio Interview with Brycen Neal & Broc Booth

Quad Radio’s Rodney Tomblin interviews GNCC XC1 Pro Racer Brycen Neal along with mechanic Broc Booth about Neal’s switch from a Honda to a Yamaha for the 2015 GNCC Racing Season. The switch came as one of the biggest surprises of the off-season as Neal has been riding on Honda machines since he started riding. [...]