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     2007 Arctic Cat ATV’s
Staff Report
July 6, 2007
2007 Arctic Cat ATV Press Intro

New Models from those Cat’s in Minnesota

Each year we are excited to attend the numerous press releases that are held by those who manufacture ATV’s. It’s not always to see the new products as much as it is to see how (and where) the release event is. Big improvements were made from last year’s Arctic Cat event.

This year Kale Wainer, Arctic Cat’s Media Relations director saw to it that we had an obstacle course to test the suspension and low end torque that their Cat’s are so famous for.

Needless to say, we (members of the media) had a great time on this course. It gave us a chance to see first hand how their 650 H1 motor climbs in low gear. It also gave us a chance to test our nerves, or the lack thereof. And whoever thought you’d get a chance to drive an ATV over a car!

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 Is this for real? Is an ATV crawling over a car? It seems they wanted us to understand the ground clearance and low-end torque these quads have. We took the hint and thought it would make a good photo too.
Other than a few minor variations to a couple individual units, the only differences were the addition of the 650cc engine to a couple ATV’s that previously had

 Arctic Cat IRS Suspension
Arctic Cat’s Fully Independent Suspension (FIS) comes in real handy on terrain like this.

500cc motors. The worker ATV; the TBX, (the one with the cargo box on the back) and the Two Rider Vehicle (TRV) were given the motors that debuted last year in the Prowler and 650 H1. In fact, Arctic Cat didn’t even bring a 500cc for us to ride or photograph, although they told us the auto and manual transmission 500cc units are still available for 2007.  

Other changes were; Arctic Cat decided to go with a different tire supplier, from Carlisle to Goodyear. The Cat engineers told us how much testing went on to fine tune each tire to each unit. “You could test one of these tires on one of our units, and then test it on one of our competitor’s models and get totally different results,” one Cat engineer told us. They also use a different rating than “ply” for referring to the sidewall strength. They call it one, two or three “star”. A two “ply” and two “star” are equal ratings. Also new for 2007 is, you’ll notice side panels on their utility models. This is to keep the rider’s leg cool (from engine heat) and we could also see where it might help from debris getting into the engine area.

 Camo Arctic Cat  undefined
The Max 4 Camo color option works like a charm in the great outdoors, but if you’re not into the hunting scene, it also comes in Black, Dark Green and Lime Green, on the 650cc unit.


One surprising thing we found out is they don’t have a 650 V-twin model for 2007. Last year they offered a V-twin (a Kawasaki motor) and their own single cylinder 650 motor. Perhaps this decision gets them one step closer to being on their own and not using motors from the “other guys.”  Nonetheless, we don’t

 Arctic Cat playing in the mud
 Most cat’s don’t like water, and especially mud…but this 700 EFI doesn’t mind it one bit. If you look close you can almost see it smiling.

think many people will mind, because once people get a sample of the low-end torque from the H1 motor, they’ll forget about any other motors.

When it comes to brand new units, the 700cc isn’t new, (it was released this spring) but it was the first time we got to ride it. It features the same motor as the Suzuki KingQuad, and shares similar problems, one that could use a steering stabilizer. We noticed that when it’s ridden aggressively in rough terrain and you brake hard…it’s unpredictable and you don’t know which way it could go. The good news is it has plenty of power for just about anything. Our tester was able to pick the front end up with little effort and wheelie as far as it felt comfortable. 

Arctic Cat playing in the water
Most cat’s don’t like water, and especially mud…but this 700 EFI doesn’t mind it one bit. If you look close you can almost see it smiling.


There weren’t any changes made to the Prowler, other than offering a XT version (,999) which has front and rear bumpers and 14 inch aluminum wheels, along with a sway bar. (The base model (,299) doesn’t come with a sway bar.) There is plenty good to say about the Prowler, it’s a cushy ride and nimble on tight trails. And even though it’s claimed weight is over 1,100 pounds, it will still tow 1,500 and carry 600 pounds in the rear box. Once again, the 650 H1 motor has all the low end torque you’ll need if you plan to work it on the farm or ranch.





The Prowler’s downfalls are its a little tippy feeling at times and the steering wheel feels a little small in diameter, like a go-cart and it s angle is pitched a little low making it hard to get in and out of the drivers seat. Other than that, our tester brought back a good report.

Arctic Cat Prowler undefined
It may be considered a utility vehicle (UTV) but it knows how to play and fits in many places a quad will, plus it will carry a 600 pound load at the same time. Can you say picnic buffet?

There were little if no changes to other models in the Cat line-up. Several units come in a Limited Edition (LE) version which has a Warn winch and aluminum rims. We have to say, the 700 and its color of Sunset Orange (LE version) made a big impression on us. Our tester wouldn’t shut up about it. One feature we especially like with the Cat’s is the bigger gas tanks. All the utility models from the 400’s to the 700’s hold 6.5 gallons of fuel. You take that and the tall ground clearance these units are known for and you have no excuse to stay out on the trails all day.

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