Another Day Another 1000cc High Performance SxS Coming Soon

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Something big on the horizon.

Evidently the industry needs to make way for another brand of SxS aiming for the big guns. This one is called Roxor Off-Road but before you mistakenly assume they are just a new upstart trying to squeeze their way in, they are actually the off-road branch of India’s Mahindra. These guys are no stranger to tractors and heavy equipment.

With the opening of a brand new factory in Detroit, it’s looking like they are serious about being a contender here in the US of A. In fact there is talk that they may even be looking to create SUVs there!

That all brings us to their newest creation. According to this Youtube teaser clip, it’s looking like they have something big in store for the SxS marker that will be announced March 2. The rumor is that it will be an all-new machine designed to go head to head with the 1000cc giants: RZR, YXZ Wildcat etc. Stand by for more as we discover it:

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