Ask the Editors: Lakota Vs Lakota Sport

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Dear ATVC: Is there a difference between a Kawasaki Lakota Sport and a normal Kawasaki Lakota?
I’ve been trying to find the difference between these two and all I notice is a major difference by the looks in the rails . But is there any difference motor-wise or anything? Jacks411

Nope, your investigation is right on the money. The difference between the Lakota 300 and Lakota Sport came down to two key factors- model year and vehicle racks.

The Sport got rid of the racks and in the process shed 12 pounds. It was introduced as a 2001 model year and served as the successor to the rack-equipped Lakota 300.

A bonus fact? Kawasaki didn’t simply take away the racks and add annual vehicle cost inflation to the MSRP- the 2001 Lakota Sport was $300 cheaper than the rack-equipped 2000 Lakota ($4,099 vs $4,399 respectively).

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