Ask the Editors: An Elusive Arctic Cat Radiator

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Not winch-cable proof.

Dear ATVC: We have a 2002 Arctic Cat 400 4×4 with a winch and blade on the front. While pushing snow this winter the winch cable broke and went through the radiator. We are having the hardest time trying to find a replacement. Every website says N/A and they have everything else but the radiator. Nothing on eBay either. Does anyone know where we could find a new or used one or any other models that would work as well? Thanks!

Well have quite a bit of good news for you; the 2002 Arctic Cat 400 4×4 manual transmission ran the same radiator assembly as the 500 manual (either one’s part # is 0413-038).

Searching that on eBay reveals several used examples; many of which didn’t turn up in your searches because the sellers mistakenly listed them for the 2002 Arctic Cat 500 4×4 alone. To spare you the effort, you can simply click here for one example. Or here for another that is slightly pricier but does include the fan and hoses from the looks of it.

If going used is a bit sketchy for the price, you can always contact TCP Performance.. They’ll build you a custom OEM replica. It’ll cost you a little more but their work is fantastic.

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