Ask The Editors: How To Get Started in Racing?

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Getting here starts with a search.

Dear ATVC: My 12 year old son (13 in August) really wants to start racing ATVs. Right now he runs around on many different quads ranging from 200cc to 700cc. With his age and no experience, what size quad will he need to be on to compete at an amateur level? If this matters, he is a tall and hefty boy. He feels very comfortable on larger quads. He is really wanting a 400EX. Any information and thoughts are appreciated.

Before you buy him an ATV for racing, the absolute first thing to do is consult your good friend google. Racing on the local level will very likely entail its own displacement cut-offs, age segments and experience limits. Had you included your city and state in your query, we would have provided you with direct links to check out. Without this info the best we can do is advise you to search something like: “Amateur ATV Racing, City, State” and to browse which tracks/ facilities are closest to you and to begin from there.

On the national stage, his age and experience put him in the Youth All-Star Class (which as you can see caps out at 300cc 4-stroke), 250 Modified (250cc), or the Schoolboy Jr. Class (also 300cc cap). Which he would belong in would depend upon his experience; racing earns a rider points and these points determine which class he or she is eligible to run.

Again though, we are just including this as an example. Since your son has no experience, the first thing you need to do is search out your local tracks, place a call in and ask them what you need to get underway. They will be able to tell you the type of safety equipment they will require (on both rider and machine), the maximum displacement class he’ll be eligible to compete in and whether or not things like an ATVA membership are necessary to ride their facility. Also they will likely have open practice nights too available for him. These are invaluable in transitioning from backyard and woods riding to competing on a closed circuit.

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