Ask the Editors: I Need More ATV Bolts Than A Dealership

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Dear ATVC:

Picked up a pretty beat Yamaha Blaster and want to replace a bunch of bolts with OEM units in the places that the previous owner either zip-tied, riveted or just plain lost and never bothered replacing. Trouble is it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Does anyone offer a full ATV bolt replacement kit for individual models?

You are in luck! Check out a place called Specbolt; they have introduced exactly what it is you seek- a complete kit of bolts and fasteners on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. Their OEM style bolts are exact factory sizes and adhere to the same strength ratings (10.9 grade) to meet or exceed the factory specs.

Best of all, many of their kits include all of the bolts you would need to mount fenders and body plastics (including a generous supply of black nylon push rivets in a variety of sizes), fuel tank, engine case bolts up to 35mm, cylinder/head flange nuts, carburetor bowl screws, exhaust bolts, radiator bolts, skid plate bolts, bumper/grab bar bolts, brake master cylinder cap screws, fasteners for controls, and so on.

As a group of backyard mechanics with years of trying to piece together OEM spec sheets, we can attest that these kits are an absolute stroke of genius. Specbolt does offer a complete (120-piece) kit for the Yamaha Blaster as well as kits for just about any other make & model on the market. In the rare event that they don’t have a kit for your particular ATV, they can be reached via email at [email protected] and are always open to customizing a kit even further to match your specific model/ needs.

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