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Dear ATVC:

I’ve been trying to reduce the clutter on my race quad’s handlebars by removing the head & taillight controls. I’m wondering if any companies make a kit that would allow me to mount the run/stop switch on the right (throttle) side. Also are there smaller killer switches available?

Good question. As far as a kit goes that mimics the OEM layout but upside-down so that it could be mounted on the right side of the handlebar, no can do. Here in the US ATVs are required to adhere to layout standards just like cars and motorcycles. In other words, back in the day when there were no set standards, some machines shifted upward to the next gear, others downward, clutches and brake levers could be reversed from one model to the next and so on. Trouble was riders used to one configuration would hop on another ATV only to wreck because they dowhnshifted when they meant to upshift or grabbed a handful of brake instead of the clutch.

As such all OEM start/stop electronic controls are relegated to the left side of the bar, just like on motorcycles here in the United States and kits that would alter this layout wouldn’t be allowed distribution accordingly. However, you are in luck in looking for a smaller/ simpler run/ kill switch for your ATV. With a bit of electrical know-how, we’ve had success mounting motocross bike kill switches on our ATVs. Doing away with the bulky pod altogether, they generally consist of only a small button that shuts down the engine when pressed and held. As far as we know, no smaller a switch exists.

Bonus fact: Did you know that while ATV ignition switch controls adhere to the industry standard of left side of the handlebars, snowmobiles’ are always located on the right.

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