Ask the Editors: What Have I Got Here?

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Mystery machine.

Dear ATVC: Yes I’m new here and looking for any help. Just picked up this ATV (above) today and I have no idea what it is! If anybody could help me out with any tips that would be awesome.

It’s tough to tell without any VIN or manufacturer markings -and this situation is further compounded by a lack of plastic and some other manufacturer parts tacked on but were we to make an educated guess based on the pics, it appears your machine began life as a Roketa 150.

While that is the closest to a name brand we could get you, be aware that in the Chinese quad scene there were clones of clones, explaining why nothing is stamped Roketa on your particular unit. The good news is having the make/model as a starting point will give you access to a the vast parts network available to you because once you have the part number you need, all of the compatible equivalents will work.

Here is what it looked like new back around 2005:

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