ATV Tech: High-Flying Scientific Terms Explained

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You can’t possibly watch a good fighter plane film like Top Gun or Iron Eagle without hearing a whole bunch of technical terms to describing the physics of aerial combat. If you pay attention, you might actually learn something—like why Goose’s death wasn’t actually Maverick’s fault.

Well, believe it or not, many of these same scientific principles apply to each of us every single time we set our quads into motion. But there’s no need to hold a PhD in aeronautics to sound much smarter at parties. Your ATV Connection editors are on the case of translating these fancy sounding terms into concepts we all deal with whether we realize it or not. For starters remember that all aircraft are subject to three axes: roll, pitch and yaw. Click through for an explanation of how these high-flying terms apply to your ATV!

You’ve Got to (Try Not To) Roll With It >>

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