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Budget MX

undefined    So you just got your Blaster, and now you want to race. What do you buy first? There are so many things you can get for a Blaster but which ones will help you on the track? There is no real way to make racing cheap but here are some tips to help you save money.

undefined     Tires are going to be one of the things that you want to change. Why tires? Well your stock tires are good but if you are on the track you want a tire that will bite hard and get you going when the gate drops. There many different types of tires ITP, Maxxis, and Titan are just a few. Titan Turf Tamers are well know in the MX circles and work excellent on the track. The most common size is 18×9.5×8. These tires will vary in price from .99 to .99 depending on which one you get.

undefined     Making your Blaster wider would be something that you would want to look into so you can turn easier and keep the lead in your race. Blasters aren�t very wide in stock form so turning at high speeds can be a problem. If you flip your tires around so the valve stem is facing in, it will add width and it�s free. This will only work if you have drum front breaks otherwise you can only do it to the rear. If you have directional tires you might have to remount them. Wheel spacers from DuraBlue work very good and will add width plus they will hold up on the track. They can take a beating! The wheel spacers will cost you about .95 per set which is still much less then brand new wider A-arms. Flipping your rims around will give you a extra advantage on the track. Doing this however will make your stock shocks feel softer so if you are a heavier rider or land hard from a jump you will likely bottom out. Be sure to check this out before you get on the track in a race situation.
undefined    The suspension on a Blaster is very limited in its travel. When your racing you want to go as fast as you can and not worry about the bumps, you just want to “float” over them. A good shock is going to improve that, and you will not bottom out as much. For the money Works shocks work great, and they make them to your specifications. When you upgrade your shocks then you want to tell the suspension company such as Works, Elka, or TCS you rider weight, skill level, your type of riding, and if your Blaster has extended A-arms or wheel spacers so they can get the valving right for you. For a rear shock it will run you between 0 to 0 but worth it. For the fronts it will run between 0 to 0. Once you put your new shocks on then you will feel the difference and they will give you a advantage over people with stock shocks because you will not have to slow down as much to go through the whoops.
undefined    Now that you have your tires and you got the width and the suspension, next you can look at the motor. Bottom to mid range is the power ranges you want to work with depending on which track you race at. Blasters have a two stroke engine so like most two strokes they have very little bottom end power. There are some things that you can do that will help your bottom end and not cost you a lot.

Getting a Uni Air Filter or K&N Air filter will help your blaster breath and get more power. They will cost you any where from to . What would be the point of getting an after market air filter? The stock air filter only lets in a limited amount of air. The better your blaster breaths the more horsepower you will get and will help you in the bottom and mid range. The better your blaster breaths the better your blaster will perform. Remember that when you are fixing up any quad.

   undefined Pipes are another thing that will help your blaster breath and will help you in bottom mid and top ranges of power. Which one you get is up to you. There are lots of choices and all are good. Some of them are FMF, Toomey, LRD And Pro Circuit. All will increase you air flow adding top or bottom end depending on which one you get. Be sure to check your jetting so you don�t hurt your motor. You can get packages form Toomey that cost 9.99 and comes with every thing including jets and an air filter. The FMF, LRD, and Pro Circuit will run you about 8.98 to 9.98. It comes down to what type of performance you want from a pipe.
undefined     Gearing is another part to give you that snap on the track and get you there fast. If you drop a tooth on the rear sprocket you will get more top end, and if you add a tooth to your rear sprocket you will get more low end or acceleration. Acceleration is your best friend on the track. I t allows you to pull hard out of the corners. If you change your rear tire size then you also my have to change the gearing. If you add larger sprockets you may need a longer chain. Stock gearing does work but your motor will not run to its full potential without proper gearing. Sprockets cost between .99 to .99 and the chain about to all depending what you want.
    Oil injection block off kits are a good thing to do because your oil pump can get clogged causing your motor to seize. Plus you can mix the fuel oil ratio the way you want it to gain the best performance. For about this will save you a pound of weight and add performance to your motor.

    We hope you learned some information on how to make your blaster perform better on the track, and save some money. So take your improved Blaster and have fun ripping it up on the track!

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