Product Review – MSD BLASTER FI

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Plug & Play Controller for the YFZ
by Jason Giacchino

The Situation:

You own a 2009 or newer Yamaha YZF450R (or 450X) and are looking for a little extra power-output. Additionally you may have installed a new pipe and need to fine-tune the ignition to maximize the pipe’s capabilities. Finally you may simply be looking for an ignition or fuel map better suited to your unique conditions/ riding style.

The Solution:

Enter the MSD Blaster FI Fuel & Ignition Controller, a small box that plugs into your YFZ’s wiring harness (plug & play style, no wiring modifications required) that comes from the factory with 10-presets.

msd blaster

What’s Included:

The MSD Blaster module includes everything a rider could need to plug the device in and begin using it nearly immediately. A mounting bracket insures that the unit will stay put once you’ve plugged the harness into the OEM connectors. Also included is the MSD View software suite for your laptop.

From there it’s simply a matter of selecting which of the 10-switch settings (rotating dial/ turned by a flat blade screw driver) you wish to try, and then motoring away.

Customizable Tuning:

Should you require unique dynamics outside of the ten switch settings programmed into the MSD Blaster, the unit hooks up to a laptop computer via a USB port and the included software makes building custom fuel maps, rev limits, ignition curves and timing a matter of clicks of the mouse.

msd view

The Verdict:

We installed the MSD Blaster FI in roughly four minutes and were experimenting with various presets within the following minute; many products claim plug & play usability, but the Blaster really delivers on such promises. The factory settings are truly impressive and we had no trouble locating the perfect combination for use with our freshly installed Yoshimura exhaust system just by turning the dial in single rotation increments until we were satisfied.

Of course, for the purpose of this review, it was only right that we played around with the included software and customizable options for fine-tuning the product. The software is truly one of the easiest we’ve had the pleasure of using, requiring only a few moments of experimentation to begin tweaking nearly every facet of the YFZ’s ignition and fuel-delivery system.

We were initially a bit worried about getting lost in our own creations but were pleased to note that forums and resources all over the net provide specific settings for just about every pipe/modification option the YFZ supports. As the product gains popularity, we expect the number of user-made maps to increase accordingly.

We should also note that we had great success in using the unit on bone-stock YFZs looking to fine-tune the spread of available power or increase rev capacity.


We have encountered our fair share of programmable ignitions and fuel injection modules that have scared riders right back to their carburetors and jet kits, but the MSD Blaster is about as user-friendly as they come. We have found that most riders (ourselves included) will not require any more than one of the 10-factory presets to achieve favorable results, but the fact that it is fully programmable (with very intuitive software included to boot) only further adds to the system’s value.

Price:The MSRP of the unit is 5




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