SprocketList Weekly ATV: Sniffing Out Good Deals So You Don’t Have To

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Each week we rummage around SprocketList in the hopes of uncovering some spectacular deal on a nice used ATV so as to offer hope to those in need of a new (or new to them) set of wheels for the upcoming season.

This week we happened upon an ad that takes us to a place called Charles City, VA.

The ad in question caught our attention because we here at ATVC feel that it’s a shame most sport riders will never have the opportunity to experience the rush of riding a 2-stroke quad.

Yamaha was the only manufacturer to keep on producing 2-stroke performance ATVs long after the industry had abandoned them (in the form of the Banshee and Blaster) and here’s an opportunity to pick up what appears to be a very clean 2005 Blaster for a decent asking price.

The ad states that the machine is stock, very dependable and ready to ride. Tires, which look like the stockers to us, are also said to be good.

The asking price is $1800 and this particular seller is not seeking trades.

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