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ATV Industry Facts: Did You Know?

A unique approach to shifting back in the late 90s. In the beginning all ATVs came with automatic clutch transmissions- these operated on the premise that a foot shifter was used to change gears up or down but the clutch (centrifugal) automatically engaged whenever the operator let off the throttle. Shortly thereafter full manual clutch […] More »

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ATV Industry Facts: Did You Know?

Welcome to the future. We’re here in 2019 and the sad reality is many of us are using some pretty outdated technology in our helmets. The idea of foam and Styrofoam used in impact absorption has been proven time and again but some helmet developers say we live in a time where much more advanced […] More »

  Comments | By - February 14, 2019

Video: Concept ATV Changes What We Know About Suspension

Spidery quad. Typically we approach off-road suspension with the concept of a vertically swinging link or arm fastened to a shock absorber to control the speed of the motion. Swincar has a different approach to all of this – theirs is the idea of independent multi-swing links not only eliminating the need for shocks, but […] More »

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ATV Industry Facts: Did You Know?

Manufacturer Ferox (not to be confused with Xerox) says its creation uses a drive-train unlike any seen before

  Comments | By - December 14, 2018

Ask the Editors: Posi-Traction on ATVs?

Limited-slip in all of its many labels. Dear ATVC: Help settle a bet for me. Do modern ATVs have Posi-Traction like cars? Thanks. Well “Posi-Traction” is actually a trademark phrase of GM’s that was applied specifically to the Chevrolet line describing vehicles equipped with a limited slip differential. In a normal rear-drive scenario, power is […] More »

  Comments | By - July 23, 2018

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