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ATV Video: Big Pimping Trike Style

3-Wheelers were never known for their handling prowess but you’d never know that watching today’s video clip from Redneckhana. We’ve got trails, jumps, wheelies and donuts . Just make sure you stay till the very end for a reminder as to what the handling experience was really like:

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Friday Funny: Some Ugly Moments in ATV Design

These days you can head to your local ATV dealership and pretty much be assured that everything on the salesroom floor will look pretty tight. Headlights are minimal, plastics cut to sharp angles, frame geometry is presumably spot on. These are good times! However to get to this point, the ATV industry has undergone growing […] More »

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Ask The Editors: What Was The First Electric Start ATV?

Dear ATVC: I was wondering if you know what the first ATV to come stock with electric start was and what year that would have been? Absolutely, to answer this one we have to head all the way back to the year 1983; a period of time when ATVs came a wheel-short… from the factory! […] More »

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