Tech Tip 1 Axel Maintenance

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Tech Tip #1

Axle Maintenance

Axles don’t need maintenance, right? Guess again. Note theundefined condition of the left axle. Note the lack of splines. How did this happen? When the wheel hub was removed and replaced, the axle nut was not air-wrenched on. The result was the hub shucked until the flat-topped splines wore to a point and then finally sheared off! This requires replacement of the axle AND the wheel hub. Check your hub nut tightness every 6 months with either a 1/2″ pistol air wrench or an electric impact, not a 3/8″ butterfly.

The right axle is obviously rusted severely. The wheel hub had to be pounded off with a large hammer. Every 6 months coat the splines of the axle with marine grade Never-Seize to prevent corrosion.

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