Tech Tip 3 Submarine Capabilities of polaris ATVs

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Tech Tip #3
 Submarine Capabilities of polaris ATV’s

The design of the Polaris Fuji two-stroke engines can be expensiveundefined for the ATV Submariner. The starter drive, an old-fashioned Bendix-style unit, resides at the bottom of the crankcases behind and below the crank. Because the Bendix drive must move in and out of engagement with the ring gear, any water-borne silt, mud or other foreign matter entering the cases will seize the drive, usually in the engaged position. Water will almost always enter this area because of the multiple gaskets that don’t seal very well.

When the Bendix drive seizes, there is a whining sound as the motor is started that doesn’t go away. The drive is still connecting the starter motor with the ring gear and the engine is forcing the starter motor to overrev beyond its design capabilities!

The only preventative measure is to stay out of the water and reseal the outer cover, starter motor O-ring and starter motor housing with Three-Bond 1104. If, upon examination, the Bendix is found to be sticking, try soaking in motor oil. It is a sealed unit that supposedly requires no maintenance, so try anything to save it–a new unit goes for the outrageous price of 0!!!

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