Terrafugia Transition: Putting the All in All-Terrain

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We like to consider our machines “all-terrain” but until now, we’ve been missing out on a major earth feature: namely that region between the ground and space.

Though not (yet) designed for the rigors of offroading, a company called Terrafugia has developed a machine that can be driven down the road (even the fire road if you’re so inclined) then directly into the clouds and back again. Now isn’t this the type of technology you always imagined would grace society in the year 2012?

Rear wheel drive on the ground, automotive-style transmission, two-seater (side by side), 35mpg (on the ground) and a cargo area that holds your golf clubs? Pretty slick!

The bad news is like most personal aircraft, this bad boy isn’t cheap- $300,000 will likely keep this vehicle in the jurisdiction of lottery winners and Warren Buffett. You can learn more about the Transition Roadable Aircraft by clicking here but we’re still hoping Terrafugia will offer a knobby-tire version of this thing for we trail riders who don’t appreciate being detoured by things like lakes and canyons.

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