Tough on Pants? Duluth Trading Company Wants Your Stories!

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How often does going through pants quickly actually save you money? If you guessed never, you’re almost right. Because Duluth Trading Company wants your stories about its legendarily durable pants, and it’s handing out over $850 in gift certificates as an incentive. And for you aspiring models—I know ATVConnection is full of them—the big winner will wind up on the cover of the company’s Spring 2013 catalog. Awesome, right?

When I worked in a furniture warehouse back in the day, I was pretty brutal on my clothes, and hobbies like skateboarding and motorcycling didn’t help. Back then, I swore by Carhartts, because they were the toughest pants I could find—but I still managed to go through them on a regular basis. But after looking over the stories Duluth fans have posted on its Facebook page, I had two distinct thoughts. The first one? I’m super glad that a rough day at my job consists of misspelling something or showing up to a meeting late, and not crawling into a mile-deep mine to try to determine what’s wrong with an 80-ton dump truck (Rocky Q, I’m looking at you). I’m just not that tough. The second one is that Duluth’s pants make my previous work wear sound as durable as J Crew dress slacks (which tend to vaporize in a motorcycle wreck).

So if you’re a Duluth fan, check out the press release below, and head over to Facebook and post your pics and stories about the torture you put your pants through—you just might be able to pick up some free gear. Especially if you work in a mine that’s two miles deep, and work on trucks which weigh 160 tons.


-“Last Pants Standing” Facebook contest winner to be artistically featured on a Spring 2013 cover –

BELLEVILLE, WI (August 23, 2012) – It’s time to start talking tough. Duluth Trading Company, the omni-channel retailer of ingenious Fire Hose and Flex Fire Hose Work Pants, wants to hear about jobs or hobbies that require tough trousers for a chance to be featured on the company’s catalog cover art for Spring 2013. Over the years, Duluth Trading Company customers have touted their triumphant on-the-job challenges and now the company is looking for the next great legend with a “Last Pants Standing” Facebook contest.

The top tough talker will join a cadre of guys who wore Duluth Trading Fire Hose work pants into everyday battle and are now enshrined as Duluth Trading legends. To become the next legend, consumers can submitt a photo and caption at the Duluth Trading Facebook page detailing how they put their work pants through the wringer and survived. The contest, which will be decided by consumer vote on Facebook, runs August 23 to September 17 with final voting taking place September 23 to October 1. A signature of Duluth Trading’s catalogs, meticulously hand-drawn cover art will feature the contest winner.

“We make tough-as-nails Fire Hose Work Pants to withstand whatever guys can throw at them and we expect them to be the last pants standing every time,” says Stephanie Pugliese, president and chief merchandising officer for Duluth Trading. “We’re hoping to hear from guys who have seen the thrill of victory thanks to our legendary Fire Hose pants and also the agony of defeat due to average, underperforming work pants.”

Legendary stories currently feature several styles of Duluth Trading Work Pants including Fire Hose 5 Pocket Jeans, Fire Hose Logger’s Pants and Fire Hose Work Pants. Guys that shared such lore as surviving a run-in with a wild boar, near misses with serious injury or working in construction 180 feet under water give some serious thanks to their Fire Hose Work Pants. Customers are invited to “tour” Fire Hose pants and interact with some of the top stories on the Last Pants Standing website.

Other guys, such as HANDY Magazine’s “Handyman Club of America” members, know its hard to beat the toughness, durability, and flexibility of Duluth Trading Company’s Flex Fire Hose® Work Pants. The group of 75 men who rely on tough pants for their jobs and hobbies gave Flex Fire Hose Work Pants a nearly unanimous ranking for comfort, maneuverability, and toughness.

With 99 percent of respondents admitting they would recommend Duluth Trading’s pants to friends, one Handyman Club member commented, “There is no comparison. Duluth Trading Company’s Flex Fire Hose Work Pants are superior in comfort and durability.” Another remarked, “These are the most comfortable, versatile work pants I have ever worn. They are very soft and flexible which makes moving unencumbered.”

Both the winner of the “Last Pants Standing” Facebook contest and finalists will receive their choice of Fire Hose work pants and gift cards from Duluth Trading Company.


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