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4-tracker 01-12-2019 01:31 PM

MICHIGAN need riding friend/buddy over 50
I'll keep looking/asking until I find someone that's in same boat, or atv as I'm in lol Well maybe not the exact same atv, any atv would be ok lol
Riding skills from slow poke to flat WOT is fine with me, as long as were out there in Gods country!! Get in touch before the season starts,
my trx450 seemed big to me, until i bought this KQ750 dwarfing it in size! I still love them both, best quads for the money!
Thanks, Steve

4-tracker 01-15-2019 06:29 AM

I'll keep looking/asking/posting, until I find someone to join me for trip out, up north here, when weather improves. I've been exploring many trails, every year, almost every week throughout riding season there, since 86 and can offer many terrific hidden gems over hundreds of sq miles! I prefer to ride/camp with one other person, helps to cut down on dust and odds of mishaps.
Get in touch before season starts, to get acquainted beforehand, and to go over any questions you might have. Thanks, Steve
Don't ride alone, not safe

Big Frank 01-16-2019 12:29 AM

"Don't ride alone, not safe". You got that right. I was riding alone in the winter a long time ago and got stuck so bad I put the key in my pocket, grabbed a few things, and started walking. Luckily, some people smart enough to ride in a group came by and helped get me out. I thought I would be okay since I had a winch, but it couldn't pull me through all that snow back to the trail. Maybe if I anchored the winch up in a tree and made a bunch of pulls to go around in a U it would work, but I don't climb snow covered trees.

4-tracker 01-16-2019 09:30 AM

There's been so many times that same kind of thing has happened to me, and even when riding with others, like the time I got ahead of a young friend of my son, and for some reason he headed off on a different trail, with me searching in every direction from the point where I last saw him, for hours, with the sun starting to going down, scares the hell out of you, being so far out in the woods, and for someone not knowing the area that well, especially on Mi. trails, where our trail can lead into many others trails instantly, and can start headed away from the main trail, you were on together. I finally caught up with him miles away in an area I had given up on earlier, but it was a gut decision and it paid off. He was scarred and very apologetic! Ever since then, before I ever head out with anyone, I make sure I get everyone's attention, and preach (no won likes to be preached to, especially the kids, but its so important, and can save a lot of aggravation, while out riding) I insist, that if anyone is not sure where their at/lost ''STOP'' and go back where you last remembered seeing one another, especially at a cross road/trail to be seen from more than one direction and ''WAIT'' don't just keep riding around, and possibly even get further away, making it impossible to find, and if sun go down, up north, it gets ''COLD'' quick, and you know, where most kids dress lite, because during the day its hot, but temps can drop at night down close to freezing! In dark/alone/bears/coyotes/no mommy/no dinner/no fire/no gun/no fun lol This sort of thing has happened so many times, almost on every trip! This is just one example where you shouldn't ride alone! I could write a book on all the mishaps, while out riding the trails, but hate being reminded lol

Specta 01-16-2019 12:42 PM

You might check and see if there are any local ATV clubs.

4-tracker 01-16-2019 01:42 PM

Thanks but I prefer to ride with one other person, keeps trail dust down and too many mishaps with large groups.

Big Frank 01-16-2019 04:44 PM

The guys I ride with will almost always stop any time they turn off a trail to a road, a road to a trail, or from one trail to another, even if it's marked and they think everyone knows the way. Sometimes you can miss seeing the black on white arrow if there even is one. Sometimes they just have the ORV trail markers turned sideways with the point on top of the orange triangle pointed where you turn. I've missed those completely before. I think we all have at one time or another. Sometimes the guy ahead of me will stop and wait at intersections where we keep going straight and I'll tell him don't even wait for me if we don't turn. And if someone gets lost they sit at a corner and wait for someone to come back. It probably won't be near the last place we saw each other but the guy who usually leads is good at reading tracks and always makes it back to you.

Specta 01-16-2019 05:23 PM

Originally Posted by 4-tracker (Post 3410955)
Thanks but I prefer to ride with one other person, keeps trail dust down and too many mishaps with large groups.

Clubs are full of people just like you and I'm sure there are others looking for someone to ride with too without having to ride in a group.

Nice machines. :D

greg74 01-17-2019 02:12 PM

I like my KQ 750 too. I was looking to buy a Grizzly 700 instead but couldn't find one for a decent price used. So far so good.

Kymco 450i 01-17-2019 04:25 PM

Originally Posted by greg74 (Post 3411017)
I like my KQ 750 too. I was looking to buy a Grizzly 700 instead but couldn't find one for a decent price used. So far so good.

I am in northern Ohio and always lookung for scenic places to ride, if you know of any nice riding areas that accept my 56" wide SxS I would be happy to meet you somewhere to ride. "Have motorhome will travel"...

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