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Today 09:40 PM

this video might help this video might help
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Today 09:28 PM

Did you just clean the carb or do a thorough rebuild with a proper kit and set to mfgr settings? Just cleaning normally does not work, and sometimes makes it worse.
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Today 09:12 PM

Also, I'm told this is a 2 stroke and I've never had a two stroke before. It has a gas tank, an oil tank and a screw cap on the case which I assume oil goe's in it. What type oil and gas do I use for...
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Today 08:39 PM

Check spark also new plug,compression.
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Today 07:06 PM

I was just wondering where is that relay located? I would like to do the same thing.
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Today 04:31 PM

Does the other end come from the battery compartment? Looks like an overflow tube of some kind. Used to have them in battery compartment in case battery leaked acid.
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Today 04:22 PM

Yep...a Bear Tracker...had one just like it for my wife. Great machine, no issues. Our machine was was warm blooded, need choke or partial choke until fully warmed up. Keep the oil and filter changed...
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Today 03:57 PM

My King Quad idles nice and runs great on the level and going down hill. However going up hill it cuts out completley. The engine doesn't die it just won't go. I have changed the spark plug and...
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Today 10:08 AM

The clunk wasn't coming from the transmission. Thinking it may be a rear axle or rear differential. I changed the fluid in the rear differential and it looked like brand new fluid coming out. The...
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Today 09:21 AM

If shift motor activates, it is not the angle sensor. The reverse cable that merryman talked about has a manual lock lever that will clunk and stop the shift if it is locked. Try the manual shift...
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Today 09:03 AM

I have been contacted by a few of you guys wanting me to make more front extenders for the LT80 I am sorry it took me over 2 years to respond to the PM's! Life got in the way, we remodeled, listed...
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By: Zrock
Today 08:22 AM

I would say the rear caliper is seized or the rear foot brake is toast bypassing fluid back to the front system
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Yesterday 10:23 PM

Mine has a triangle then 38B opposite of triangle
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