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Old 02-24-2010, 09:16 PM
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Default 97 Xpress 300 - Carburetor Setting

So I decided to make a new thread for the carburetor settings. I have taken a few photos to see if that helps. Sorry about the picture quality but it was raining, windy and I was working under a tarp. Keep in mind that this unit has been set up to work without the oil injector so that might account for some of the lost hoses. I cant find a book yet and since I want to put it together tomorrow I will rely in y'alls help.

Anyway, the previous owner had jacked up this carb big time. All the settings are wrong. I cant even believe it worked yesterday evening, but it did run for a bit and we had some fun. The problem it had when I went to see it before last night was that I would not start. After the po "adjusted" it then it will start but will randomly accelerate. When I went to take the carb out I saw that he had adjusted the cable for the thortle valve so the valve was way open, to the point that the valve will no touch the throttle adjust screw. The main jet was clogged so that accounts for why it would work better on choke and will sometimes accelerate on its own. The float also was not parallel to the carb body as in most carbs.

That was then, this is now.
Cleaned the carb and every jet, hole and cavity. Now I need to adjust it for checking tomorrow.
Adjust the air needle to 1.5 turns.
I will think I need to adjust the throttle cable so the valve will fully seat, then after adjusting the throttle screw I will then adjust the throttle cable so there is not much play. ( is that correct?)

The carb has port for 5 hoses. I know what 1 is for, the other are just guesses or simply no idea what they are. I wonder if someone can help me identify the.
The easy hose to id is the gas intake hose.

Here is a pic of the carb installed.

Name:  utf-8BSU1HMDAwMTgtMjAxMDAyMjQtMTAzN.jpg
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The air filter is supposed to be to the left. You can see the throttle and choke cables. There is a hose connected to one port at the bottom and top of the picture. no other port had a hose on it.
Can anyone tell me what those 2 ports are for and where are they supposed to be connected? I know where the hoses go to, but Im not sure what purposed they serve or if they are even connected properly.

Next picture is with the carb removed:

Name:  IMG00022-20100224-1052.jpg
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You can see better where that hose to the left (in the previous pic was at the bottom) Is connected. I will post now a picture where the other hose is heading.

Name:  IMG00020-20100224-1052.jpg
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That is right under the muffler looks like going to the transmission body.

The next picture shows the black plastic port. It had a broken hose in just the tip. I guess this is the hose where the injector went to but no telling...

Name:  utf-8BSU1HMDAwMjYtMjAxMDAyMjQtMTExN.jpg
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The last port is at the bottom and I am sure it is a overflow but I wonder how should it be connected.

Name:  utf-8BSU1HMDAwMjQtMjAxMDAyMjQtMTExN.jpg
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Thanks for any help you can provide.
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Old 02-24-2010, 09:56 PM
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Nice pics! The two top openings are vents,just run tubing up and away from water entry. Make sure the oil delivery line is secure and not leaking when carb is installed (the black line on the left side of carb) The trans vent next to the dipstick vents up by itself also. You can zip tie the trans vent and two carb vents for a neater appearance You can just run a vent tube straight down for the bottom of the carb (overflow vent) OPT
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Old 02-25-2010, 06:40 PM
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I adjusted the carb as I stated before and the atv runs great. I had to do a little adjustment after the initial setup. I appreciate the help. Short video but the sounds on my blackberry is poor.

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Old 03-09-2010, 03:23 PM
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I got the book from haynes and it dont say what is the idle rpm for this unit. Someone mention in an earlier post that for 98-99 it was 700 -+ 100. I measured it with a new tack I bought but it showed that it is set up around 1900 which it is hard to believe as it would not go in shift that fast. The tach is set up for 1 pulse per revolution but I wonder if it is 2 pulse per revolution (doubtful). If the tach is right then I dont know what to think.
So, if someone had the right rpm and how many pulses per revolution.

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Old 03-09-2010, 05:23 PM
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One pulse per revolution...............700-800 for a two stroke idle sounds about right.When you get it set at that speed ,it almost sounds too slow. the four strokes have to spin more to make a cycle,that's why they set them at 1300-1400
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