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Old 09-12-2005, 09:48 PM
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Default How do I take apart my ATV

How can I replace a boot covering the CV joint on my 300 Suzuki 1992 4x4? [img]i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif[/img]

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Default How can I replace the CV joint on my Suzuki ATV?

is it the inside or outside can PM me for help
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Old 09-13-2005, 11:58 PM
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Default How can I replace the CV joint on my Suzuki ATV?

I think says it all: (Let me know if anyone thinks I missed anything)
<u>To remove the outer cv joint & boot</u>
1. Jack the vehicle off the ground (no jokes!) and secure it from rolling.
2. Remove the wheel.
3. Remove the axle nut (large nut on the outside of the hub)
4. Remove the lower control arm bolt from the ball joint and hub assembly. Then remove the bolt from the shock and upper control arm
5. The hub will be able to swing out away allowing the outer cv joint to be slipped out through the back. This may require a tap on the threaded end of the outer cv joint. Put the axle nut back on half way so that you can tap on it without damaging the threads.
6. The inner cv joint will be the only thing holding it axle in place. The inner cv joint is held in by a “c” clip, just pry it away from the differential and it will pop out, you may need to tap it from behind. Now you should be able to pull it out of the differential.
7. If you are only replacing the boot you’ll want to do that from the inner cv joint end of the shaft, refer to inner cv joint instructions). However, if you are removing the outer cv joint you’ll want to put the cv axle in a vise by the shaft close to the inner cv or u-joint . Cut the boot clamps and make sure that your cv joint is not held on by a clip that you can see on the shaft under the boot (this is only on a few later models). If there is no clip you’ll want to tap lightly on the outer cv joint and then give it a few good hits to knock it off of the shaft (I use a 5 lb sledge. (wear glasses, grease may fly!) It usually comes off with one or two good blows with the hammer. However, If it doesn't come off put the axle in a vise and try again. If it still doesn't come off use your hammer to break the cage and remove the ball bearings. This will expose the race. You'll need to press the race off of the shaft. You can use a punch and hammer to punch the shaft back through the race. Other wise you'll need to use a press. Or cut it off with a cutoff saw. Cut the race in the direction of the splines on the shaft. That way it won't affect your new joint going onto the splines.
8. Now that the joint is removed cut away the old boot and clamps and clean the shaft with parts cleaner or Brake clean.
9. Put on the new boot and slide it toward the inner out of the way.
10. Cut the corner of the grease packet to make it like a baker’s bag. This will allow you to squirt the grease into the hole were the shaft will go. Fill the outer cv joint until the grease comes up around the ***** and set the rest aside for later in this procedure.
11. Now put a little grease on the "c" clip on the shaft to help hold it centered
12. Take the outer cv joint and line up with the splines of the shaft and make sure that your clip is not sticking out to one side or the other.
13. Now place the axle nut onto the threads half way to avoid damaging the threads and tap the joint back onto the shaft. If it doesn't go fairly easily then back off and use a screw driver the press the clip in while putting pressure until it is no longer exposed then the joint will tap on with ease.

14. Now squirt the remaining grease around the top of the joint (it may not require all of the grease packet just use about a 1" bead all the way around) were the shaft meets the joint and slide your boot down and clamp the large clamp first.
15. Now use a screw driver to go in between the small end of the boot and shaft to release any trapped air or suction that may be deforming the boot. Then install the small clamp.
16. Now ready to install the axle. Just use your removal procedure in reverse.

<u>To remove the inner cv joint & boot</u>

The only way to remove the outer cv joint is to hit it off the shaft with a hammer. The problem with this is that you may damage the joint in the process so I would only recommend this if your replacing the cv joint anyway. If you are not replacing the outer cv joint then the safest thing to do is put it on from the inner cv joint side. The inner cv joint is very simple to remove. First you'll want to remove the clamps from the boot (you'll want to buy the additional clamp kit for $2). Being careful not to puncture the boot you can pry up on the tabs that hold the band in place or just cut by putting a screwdriver under them and prying up to give you enough room to get the metal snips under them. Once the boot is free slide it back toward the outer cv joint to expose the inner components. You'll find a large retaining clip that goes around the inside of the joint just above the ball tracks. Remove the clip by getting behind it with a small screwdriver. Once this clip is removed the inner cage, race, *****, & shaft will come out all together (wrap your hand around this to prevent the ***** from falling out all over the place). You'll find a retaining clip on the back of the shaft, remove this with retaining clip pliers or a large screw driver to spread the clip open. Once this is removed you'll be able to remove the cage, race, & ***** all together at one time. No your ready to install it on your new half shaft. Make sure the boot goes on first. Then place the cage, race, & ***** on the shaft making sure that the tapered side of the cage and race are facing toward the outer cv joint. Install the clip to hold it onto the shaft. Then fill the inner cv joint housing with grease and place it over the cage, race, & *****. Install the large clip. Now pull the boot down and install the large clamp. Then take a screw driver and place it in between the small part of the boot and the shaft and push the inner cv joint in all the way until it bottoms out. Then pull it back halfway (or to the mid range of the inner cv joint) and remove the screw driver and install the small clamp. Your now ready to install the axle back in the vehicle. If you have any questions PM me.
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