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Ask the Editors: Help Me Go Bigger


Dear ATVC: I’m thinking about upgrading my Kawasaki Bayou 220 to a bigger ATV this summer. I bought it for a good price and definitely got my use out of it. It never let me down but I want something a bit faster and 4×4. I was looking at the Kawasaki Prairie 400, 360 and […] More »

  Comments | By - February 8, 2016

ATV Video: On Board 450R Hot Lap


You know we’re getting winter stir-crazy around here when we’re forced to resort to living vicariously through Youtube clips to get our summer rush. However that seems to be the case so why not share with you a clip from last season of a GoPro-captured lap around a national course on a tuned Yamaha YFZ450R.

  Comments | By - February 4, 2016

Kawasaki Presents: Photos of the Week


This week we’re taking a look at forum member The Ziggys and his mud slinging antics. Some people buy 4x4s for the status symbol, others because they have deep hankering for conquering some muck. We think you know which camp The Ziggys falls under. View Current Offers & Deals | Save on Kawasaki Powersports Vehicles […] More »

  Comments | By - January 29, 2016

Video Clip: 800 HP Dune Buggy on the Streets of San Diego


When you think of Dune Buggies gone bad, images of endless desert, rippled sand and killer roost may spring to mind. What we found lurking on the streets of San Diego, however, defies any such sensibilities. Imagine a VW Baja Buggy powered by an 800-HP LS1 Vette engine. Now imagine what that kind of power […] More »

  Comments | By - January 28, 2016

DWT Wheel Contingency Announced


DWT- DOUGLAS WHEEL will be offering nearly $500,000.00 in contingency awards for the 2016 ATVMX, GNCC, NEATV and WORCS Racing Series. The Awards Program rewards ATV & SXS racers that achieve success while using DWT Wheels and DWT TIRES. Nearly Half a million dollars is on the table this season for participants in ATV and […] More »

  Comments | By - January 26, 2016

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