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June 27th, 2014

Friday Funny: Greatest Hits & Resulting Bruises

We know, we know, “Best Of” compilations are usually reserved for the New Year but your ATV Connection editors like to look back at some of the wackiness that is humanity, an ATV, a camera and Youtube. It’s only right then to share our rehashed chuckles with you, our loyal readers. Presenting, for the first [...]

May 30th, 2014

Friday Funny: Jurassic Dump

Helmet cams- how did we live without them? Take this week’s Friday Funny for example. Sure there are countless individuals getting thrown from Yamaha Raptors all over the globe even as we speak but until recently, we simply didn’t get to come along for the experience. Fortunately, and like the real Raptor after which these [...]

May 2nd, 2014

Friday Funny: Dude Let me Try and Jump This ATV Over You

Here’s the good news about this week’s Friday Funny: It doesn’t end the way you think it’s going to. We have the drunken party goers, the freestyle wannabe rider on the mini and the guy willing to lay flat on his back near a camp fire so that said rider can attempt to jump over [...]

April 25th, 2014

Friday Funny: Freestyle Wannabe, Real Crash

If you’ve ever seen an MX freestyle event, you know that a rider shooting his legs through the handlebars while thirty-feet up in the air then landing normally is quite a spectacle. This week’s Friday Funny entrant wants the glory of the freestyle scene but doesn’t quite have the courage to get off the ground [...]

April 4th, 2014

Friday Funny: ATV Hyrdoplane

We typically devote our Friday Funny clips to riders getting in over their head and eating crow as a result but this week we located a video that’s pretty darn amazing. The scenario entails a Yamaha Raptor 700R outfitted with sand paddle tires out in the dunes happens upon a deep desert pool. Two options [...]