2007 Polaris Predator 500

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2007 Polaris Predator 500
Impressive Ride, Impressive Value

Sport quad enthusiast can enjoy Predator 500’s suspension, ergonomics and acceleration at a value.  For 2007, Polaris will lower the MSRP on the award-winning quad making it an even more attractive option for sport quad enthusiasts and trail riders a like.

The Predator delivers top performance and clear advantages, from start to finish. Because the Predator is geared for maximum torque delivery, riders produce an additional burst of acceleration from the close-ratio gearing.  That roll-on acceleration is available on demand, without downshifting.

The Predator originally entered the market in 2003 as the toughest machine on the trail. Its reputation was quickly established when riders demonstrated the best-in-class handling, suspension and power of the machine.

That world-class performance can be felt best on the trail, where riders can take full advantage of the proven Predator 500 engine power, responsive steering, anti-dive and anti-squat suspension.

Predator’s front suspension allows the rider to stay on the gas in corners instead of backing off to let the quad resettle and hook up again. To deliver this performance, the Anti-Dive Front Suspension minimizes dive and inside rear wheel lift when theundefined rider is braking in corners. An Anti-Squat Rear Suspension reduces front wheel lift during acceleration, allowing the power to fully propel the quad rather than into unintentional wheel lift. The rear suspension features 11 inches of travel and the Anti-Dive, dual A-arm front suspension has 10 inches of travel.

All of these features mean riders get the full benefit of the outstanding acceleration and top-end power of the Polaris 500 liquid-cooled, 4-stroke engine.  This engine has dual-overhead cams, 4 valves and a 42mm carburetor.  It has a pulse fuel pump that provides consistent fuel flow in all conditions.

The increased rev limiter allows the engine to rev higher before the rider needs to shift the 5-speed transmission.  Riders get a better feel for the machine’s power and can accelerate faster when they rev higher before changing gears. The quad also has the added convenience of reverse to back off trailers and away from obstacles.


  • Stainless steel braided brake lines
  • A chromoly axle with limited lifetime guarantee
  • Maxxis RAZR radial tires
  • Aluminum rims with rolled-edge construction for strength and durability
  • 52 O-ring chain 5-speed manual transmission with reverse
  • Hydraulic disc brakes in front and rear
  • 3.25 gallon fuel capacity
  • LED taillight for higher visibility and more durability than a standard taillight.

For 2007, the Predator is available in Black and White with new graphics.

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