Ask the Editors: Honda Piston Compatibility

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What a difference a year makes.

Dear ATVC: I have an 84 Honda ATC250R. Will a piston from an 81-83 work on the 84? Some brands say they will and some say they don’t.

We called around and couldn’t get a definitive answer for you so we turned to the tried and true method of digging through our local Honda dealer’s parts schematics to see if the piston numbers matched up on an OEM level. Not surprisingly, they do not.

OEM 1983:
PISTON (OS) (0.25) 13102-961-003

OEM 1984:
PISTON (OS) (0.25) 13102-964-820

Ordinarily, and especially when it comes to items that need be as precise as piston tolerance, we would steer clear of running anything that doesn’t match up at the factory like this. Be safe and buy yourself a piston for the 84.

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