Ask The Editors: Non-Bulky Personal Storage Solutions

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Dear ATVC:

I ride a sport quad and always seem to struggle with storage issues. I like to carry a few survival items like a knife and lighter but don’t like being bogged down with a backpack. Do you know of any personal storage smaller than say a hip pack?

As a matter of fact, we do. Take a look into the Adventure Survival Band. It’s a non-obtrusive wristband made in the USA of durable high quality 3” nylon webbing. With hook and loop closures, the Adventure Survival Band provides an adjustable watch mount, compass and thermometer strap, and four elastic pockets with flaps to hold and carry several survival items.

The Survival Band is available in tan, camo, black and a variety of other colors so finding one that looks good on your wrist shouldn’t be an issue.

The band sells for $29.95 and ordering info can be found at the official site.

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