Camping Innovation: ATV WildBED

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When it comes to camping via ATV, concerns of storage are often legitimate and even the most portable of tents can be a bit cumbersome to transport. A sleeping bag or blanket can be a bit easier but that still leaves you sleeping on the ground and without protection from the elements.

Enter the ATV WildBED. It’s a pretty neat concept that actually increases your ATV’s rack space when transported and then easily transforms into a bed using your machine’s racks (or the bed of your UTV).

The WildBED uses aluminum frame construction and requires no tools to assemble or take down. According to the site, complete assembly takes only 5-10 minutes and they show photos of a pair of WildBEDs attached to a single ATV (one to the front rack, another to the rear).

The units are rated to hold 300 pounds of sleeping beauty and the frame is designed to accept an optional canopy- a weather resistant tent of sorts without the hassle of clearing the ground or driving stakes.

When not being used as a bed, the height of the WildBED makes it a perfect all conditions table for prepping meals, cleaning fish, gathering around and so on.

Additional options include a backrest, which turns the bed into a recliner and a foot-pump/ air mattress designed to fit perfectly within the frame.

Since camping and ATV riding go hand-in-hand, we’re always on the lookout for those innovations designed to make the task a bit more enjoyable.

Pricing for the WildBED begins at $295 and a plethora of optional accessories are available to customize your order. They also offer an “Ultimate” package that includes the bed and all four of the accessories offered (canopy system, stirrup, backrest and air mattress with built-in foot pump) for $495. For more information or to order direct, visit the official site.

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