ATV Industry Facts: Did You Know?

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More ethanol coming our way.

Not only is gasoline containing more than 10% ethanol (E10) dangerous to use in motorcycle and ATV applications, it is actually illegal to do so. And whether or not you realize it, the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) battles with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) year after year to keep the amounts of corn-based alcohol sold in pump gasoline to a minimum.

While technically not “good” for any engine, the damaging effects of ethanol are magnified in small engines; ethanol is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts and absorb water from the very air. Additionally it is too harsh for most rubber and plastics. In short the tanks and fuel delivery systems of most ATVs.

Bonus Fact: As we speak, the American Motorcyclist Association is opposing a proposal from the US Environmental Protection Agency to increase the amount of ethanol in the country’s fuel supply. The EPA wants 19.88 billion gallons of ethanol to be blended into the nation’s vehicle fuel supply for 2019, up 3% from the 19.29 billion gallons mandated for 2018.

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