Ask the Editors: What’s My ATV Worth?

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Price check on aisle 1.

Dear ATVC: Hi, I was wondering if anyone on here could give me an estimate on how much they think my 2011 Honda Rubicon (500) would be worth. 150 hours/ 452 miles on it, automatic with ESP option and power steering. It has a 2″ Highlifter lift kit, stock tires still have factory color lines. If someone would let me know how much they believe I could get for it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Tray9794

Good news- you don’t need the opinion of a forum member or crusty editor on this one, these days you have your choice of a few official price guides to draw from to put you in the ballpark of what your ATV is really worth.

The first we would recommend trying is NADA Guides.

The last time we were there, their Honda section was sorely lacking so you may want to give ATV Trader’s Price Checking tool a try.

Lastly and perhaps your absolute best choice of them all, Kelley Blue Book has an ATV price tool that we rely upon often.

Best of luck!

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