ATV Industry Facts: Did You Know?

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Good for 10.

In an industry where even aftermarket CVT belts come equipped with a one-year warranty, Yamaha has shaken up the status quo by offering the industry’s first 10-year OEM belt warranty.

Eligible 10-year belt warranty units featuring Yamaha’s Ultramatic CVT transmission include the 2019 Wolverine, Viking, Grizzly, and Kodiak models.

Qualified vehicles must be purchased for personal use within the contiguous United States and Alaska for coverage. The warranty is wholly separate from and in addition to the Original Limited Warranty offered on Yamaha products.

Bonus Fact: Polaris had, for a time, offered a Limited Lifetime Warranty on drive belts. To qualify, the owner must have followed the recommended maintenance schedule with their Authorized Polaris Dealer and the belt itself must have been deemed defective. This warranty didn’t cover belt replacement due to operator error, normal wear, or belts that failed due to lack of proper clutch maintenance.

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