ATV Throttle Conversion Kit Review: Moose Racing Dual Gasser

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Neither a Large Mammal Nor a Torture Device


Thumb or Twist, Twist & Shout

Did you know that the earliest ATVs used twist throttles like their motorcycle counterpart but, thanks to a lower riding position, made the move to the snowmobile-inspired thumb-throttle design shortly thereafter?  Aside from a few performance models during a handful of years, the thumb throttle has been the OEM means of fuel delivery control of choice ever since.

There is no shortage of twist-throttle conversion kits on the market for most ATV models, the trouble is that making the swap is just enough manual labor to convince most riders to stick with either one style or the other (thumb or twist throttle)… until now.

Best of Both Worlds

Moose Racing has addressed this dilemma with a device aptly called the Dual Gasser; a combination thumb and twist throttle that bolts up to many models and offers riders the ability to choose which method to use as they see fit.

Constructed of billet aluminum, the Dual Gasser is sold without grips (so be sure to pick up a set at the time of purchase) and goes for 9.99.  Additionally be sure to check the company’s site to ensure that the unit is compatible with your particular make/ model and year ATV.  Machines with throttle position sensors and those will kill-switches assembled within the throttle electronics can’t accept the DG.


We outfitted ours to a Yamaha Raptor 700 without issue and the process was as simple as removing the stock thumb throttle and fitting the quad’s throttle cable into the Dual Gasser’s 10mm cable adjuster (which in this case operates both the twist and thumb throttle).


Out in the Real World 

Once mounted up and working properly (make sure the cable isn’t stretched when you turn the bars to their stops in either direction), the Dual Gasser is surprisingly low-key in its appearance and feel.  Considering it’s essentially two throttle assemblies in a single unit, we expected something much bulkier.

Believe it or not, after two-weeks of testing, we have concluded that the DG really gives up no performance benefits to either a dedicated aftermarket thumb or twist throttle.  Each functions just as intended and as an added bonus contains a push/pull pin that locks out the twist throttle in those situations where you opt for the thumb throttle.

Of course rider preference plays the biggest part in which you’ll find the superior choice in a given situation but we noticed we favored the twist throttle in wide open situations: dune riding, hill climbing, fast, open trails.  The thumb throttle seems to be more favorable over rougher terrain, fast chop and situations that can cause the operator to become yanked rearward on the machine (as twist throttles tend to open wider in this instance).  But again, the beauty of the Dual Gasser is such things are for the rider to decide.

Any Downsides?

Not many.  The price of admission (at 0) is roughly 3 times that of a standard twist-throttle-only conversion kit but such is the price for having the best of both worlds.  Additionally with the ATV market fragmenting further and further with each model year (various carburetors, fuel injection systems, and no standardization for handlebar control electronics); it is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure compatibility with the Dual Gasser.  Again, be sure to do some research before purchasing!

Conclusion & Contact

This mod is a must-do if you happen to find yourself debating between a thumb and twist throttle or perhaps even more specifically, if you’ve ridden both and have always desired the ability to swap back and forth depending on conditions.


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