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 Dunlop Quadmax

  June 29th 2006 
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The Dunlop Quadmax ATV tire is designed to take recreational trail-riding enthusiasts anywhere, any time. Compared to standard original equipment tires, the Quadmax elevates the level of performance across the board, allowing riders to tackle ultratough riding conditions with confidence.

When developing the Quadmax, Dunlop set out with two goals in mind. First, design a tire that delivers superior handling in the harshest conditions imaginable. Second, create a design that provides excellent mud traction. For other manufacturers, these two goals would be considered mutually exclusive. For Dunlop, this was an exciting challenge.

First, competitive designs were thoroughly evaluated to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Which tires performed best in dry conditions? Wet conditions? Mud? Which tires had the best cornering capability? The best tread life? Then Dunlop’s engineers tapped into the company’s extensive knowledge base of tire handling dynamics, carcass and tread design, tread compounds and manufacturing to develop an ATV tire that would outperform all of them.

Quadmax construction begins with two tough nylon plies laid at a rigid case angle. The rigid case angle allows the tire to maintain a low, flat profile while cornering. It also contributes to a five percent larger footprint for both cornering and straight-line operation, resulting in increased available traction in all conditions.

An additional goal of the engineering team was to reduce tire weight. This was achieved through the design and manufacturing processes. The mold of the low-profile Quadmax contributes significantly to the weight reduction. Also, manufacturing process control ensures that the tire’s design weight is realized in production. The reductions are notable; the front Quadmax is nearly two pounds lighter than a comparably sized tire and the rear sheds nearly five pounds in similar comparisons. The substantial weight savings reduce unsprung weight and this advantage, in turn, reduces the energy needed to accelerate, brake and turn. More responsive steering and suspension action are added benefits, producing exceptional overall handling.

Next, optimum tread-block shape and pattern ensure maximum straight-line and cornering capability. Big, asymmetrical, chevron-shaped center blocks are three quarters of an inch tall and provide plenty of mud-gripping forward traction. A 45-degree transition from the tip of each chevron to the tapered shoulder blocks provides smooth and predictable side grip when cornering. Finally, Dunlop applied its considerable expertise in tread compounds to produce an advanced rubber that provides substantial grip in both wet and dry conditions while also delivering excellent tread life.

The result? Side-by-side testing with Quadmax competitors validated the project objectives: The Quadmax was not only the best mud tire in the group, it outperformed every other brand on the trail as well. It must be mentioned that the Quadmax looks the part; from its aggressive tread-block design to the wraparound shoulder and sidewall elements, this is one ATV tire that looks every bit as good as it performs.

The Quadmax is an ideal replacement tire for all brands of recreational ATVs and side-by-side utility vehicles. Available in the summer of 2006 at Dunlop retailers, the Quadmax comes in these popular sizes:

  Front:   AR25x8-12

Dunlop Quadmax Regular ATV Tire
Dunlop Quadmax Sport ATV Tire

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