FormulaCross Wants to Turn ATVs Into Rally Cars

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It’s not often that I find myself throwing money at the monitor, hoping it’ll absorb it and send what’s on the screen into my wanting hands. But… This is one of those times. The company is called FormulaCross, and what you see up there isn’t technically a car. Sure it’s got a WRC wing and body panels, but underneath it all is a YZF 450 Raptor. That’s right, this mini-rally car is actually an ATV.

They’re calling it the YFC 450. It’s got a tubular chassis, a roll cage, a proper seat, and 450ccs of engine. The transmission is a sequential unit, probably with 5 speeds if they’ve yanked it from the Raptor. On top of that, it weighs a feather light 500lbs. Disc brakes, adjustable front sway arms and adjustable ride height should be a dead giveaway that they’re serious about making this thing an entry level racer car. Honestly, they’ve got a chance. The guys behind it are none other than Rhys Millen Racing.

Their intention is to create a feeder series into rally racing similar to the way karting works for road racers. Currently, there isn’t anything quite like it, and the cost of entry for rallying is extremely high. With FormulaCross though, more people could enjoy the world of rallying without the massive price tag (and risk of injury).

Look for it this fall. We know we will.


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