Friday Funny: Wheelie Bad News

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This week we figure it’s okay to laugh at the foolishness of others when the specimens in question have clearly thrown logic and safety out the window. Ladies and gentleman, riding a passenger on an ATV is dangerous enough- factor a wheelie into the equation and things can quickly go from bad to worse. No need to take our word for it…

#3) Play on Playa

No helmets, on pavement, what could possibly go wrong here?

#2) The Redneck Divorce

We don’t know what happened in the moments leading up to this one but somehow we picture Cletus sleeping on the couch that night!

#1) Grandma Plays the Outfield

The worst part about this one is clearly granny knew this young pilot was going to do something crazy as indicated by the wooden box (painted black to match the rack no less) behind the passenger. The bad news is this one’s clearly beyond the scope of a piece of wood.

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