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Lighted whips and


undefined     Light ‘Em Up has a variety of custom made lighted whips for your ATV or buggy. From the common buggy whip to ATV whips they have them all. What sets Light ‘Em Up apart from the others is there custom made LED lights that install on the top of each whip. It is a small circuit board enclosed in a clear plastic tube with 8 LED’s (4 on each side) that flash. They are available in a wide range of colors and color combos.
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undefined    These whips can be powered 3 different ways. If you already have a battery on your ATV, you can simply wire it into your electrical system. Most ATV have plugs for a lighted whip already installed from the factory. For those ATV’s not equipped with a battery, they offer an AC/DC converter that wires between your harness and the wires from the whip. The simplest option is to use their 9V battery system. The battery can be taped with electrical tape on the base of the pole. This is handy when you stop for a rest during a night ride you can still be seen by others. The LED only turns off when you disconnect the battery. We were not able to fully drain our 9V battery during our night excursions into the dunes.

    The ATV whips themselves are not the normal thin fiberglass poles. Light ‘Em Up uses the 5/16”diameter whips which are strong and can easily support the weight of the LED’s at the top. They come in a wide range of lengths from 5’ to 12’. In the event of a roll over and you snap your whip it can be repaired on the spot. The light sockets are also heavy duty. A couple of our riders did get slapped in the helmet once or twice on an extreme G-out but other than that they were very sturdy.

    If your sick of the same old red flag, Light ‘Em Up also has custom made flags. Flames, skull & crossbones, and even custom logos are some of the designs they offer.

undefined    They have various accessories to keep you visible in the dunes. For the motorcycle crowd, they offer a battery operated helmet light  that will help you see your way along. They also have a motorcycle flag mount.  If you are driving a truck in the dunes it must have some type of flag. Light ‘Em Up has a trick lighted flag that mounts in your receiver hitch and plugs directly into your trailer wiring.

A quick flag mount system makes it easy to install your whip on an ATV. Either the quick screw on type, which takes just a quarter turn to install without a wrench, or the aluminum quick release system. They also carry a billet ‘knock down’ whip mount for buggies. It can be folded down easily rather than removing the whip completely. A pre-tuned lighted CB antenna, clothing, and stickers are some of the other items they carry.

undefined    Rad-Lites, makers of the very bright LED tail lights, also have new whip lights. They look similar to a drag racing starting tree. They have 4 round type LED’s mounted on a ‘tree’. These also come in a wide variety of colors. Another new item is their LED flashers. It’s a small black box that can be easily mounted to your grab bar. It can control 2 or 4 LED’s. It is user programmable meaning it can be set to flash at different intervals at the user’s discretion. Simply turn the screw on the potentiometer to your desired liking and your set!

    Rad-lites also has a wide variety of LED’s for different applications with different types of mounts. They can be mounted anywhere on your ATV to light up different areas. We mounted two aimed at the radiator.

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undefined    ‘Glo Flag’ is a new company making glow in the dark flags. They soak up the sun rays during the day and glow, similar to a glow stick, at night. They claim it lasts anywhere from 6-8 hours each night. The mount for these makes it easy to repair if the whip gets broken. Simply pull the broken piece out and insert the whip in the mount. They also offer various designs. We were surprised to see how bright these glow in the dark flags were.

    Keep yourself ‘safe and seen’ while riding! A whip and tail lights are required in the dunes. A lighted whip at night makes it easy to keep track of your friends or children from a distance. Add that final custom look to your ride with both a lighted flag and super bright LED tail lights. Look for Light ‘Em Up’s trailer at Glamis or Gordons Well area or shop at their on-line store! Rad-Lites will ship directly to you via an on-line order.

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