New Device to Make Spark Plug Caps Stay Put

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You’re not going anywhere, cap.

We’ve always chocked it up to coincidence, but according to one company the reason spark plug caps tend to pop off at the most inopportune time has all to do with heat cycles. And even when they don’t come off entirely, it’s possible we’re losing performance to a plug cap that has loosened itself up due to heat expansion.

A common issue with high performance four stroke ATVs is heat build up during extreme conditions. Added heat to an engine during this time can create an opportunity for the spark plug cap to loosen or “pop off” creating less than optimal performance.

Tw1sted Development Racing has come up with a solution to mitigate this potential risk. They have developed a device that will keep constant pressure on the spark plug cap preventing it from raising and/or popping off during long motos and heat cycles, maintaining a constant contact between the spark plug and spark plug cap. A simple to install product that meets the demands of the racer. Installation is easy with the replacement of a single bolt and placing the device over the spark plug cap. Price — $49.99.

About Tw1sted Development: We began with a passion to build and develop the best performance products and services for the racing community; bringing factory level service and performance to meet every level of racer at every budget. We pride ourselves in putting together the best performance packages that will fit a customer’s specific needs. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a top professional who needs a high performance edge to compete, we have a service or package for you. Tw1sted Development Racing is headquartered in Murrieta, CA.

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