Oceano Dunes (Pismo Beach) Needs Our Help

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We must unite for the greater good.

California has something that most of the world can only imagine: an ATV legal beach! Situated about two hours north of LA, these dunes and surf are welcoming to SxSs, dune buggies, quads and UTVs.

As always when it comes to legal riding areas, there are those who oppose our right to be there and want to close it down.

Even if (like us) you aren’t located on the left coast, losing public riding area to bureaucrats is a problem that affects us all.

Fortunately we don’t have to stand idly by- if you can be there in person, the meeting to make a decision will be on July 11th:


If you can’t be there, every email requesting that Pismo Beach be left alone helps:

[email protected]

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