Plain City Utah: ATV Riding on The Streets Welcome

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One of the hottest topics around the illustrious ATVConnection offices is street legal ATVs and it makes sense to us- who doesn’t appreciate the idea of riding their quad to the trailhead or taking the roads home after a long day of getting muddy? How about just riding down to the gas station on the corner for a fill up?

Well to that end we’re always pleased to share the word when we find out there’s a US city, town or commonwealth who says yes to these ambitions.

Plain City Utah wants the world (as well as its residents) to know that all-terrain vehicles are legal for use on Plain City streets so long as they meet legal requirements such as signals, lights and safety inspections, according to Councilman Mark Lowther.

This news came after he said he originally and erroneously believed the city needed an ATV ordinance but discovered that ATVs are automatically legal on city streets based on population numbers.

The only additional requirement to taking your ATV or UTV down Main Street? According to Lowther, in addition to equipment, the operator of the ATV needs to have a current motor vehicle license.

“Maybe we could send a note to the sheriff’s department that says they are street legal so they can keep it in mind when patrolling,” suggested Mayor Jay Jenkins.

We say it’s our pleasure to help spread the word, Plain City, Utah. We hope other cities will follow your lead.

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