Star Wars Meets Off-Roading: New Military SxS Laser Weapon

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Drone killer straight out of science-fiction.

According to a report by Fox News, terrorist drone destroying Raytheon laser weapons mounted to Polaris Defense ATVs could soon be destroying enemy drones before they can harm U.S. forces.

According to the report, Raytheon’s Multi-Spectral Targeting System is a high energy laser (HEL) combined with electro-optical and infrared sensors.

Delivering 20 to 30 blasts of about the same electricity as a refrigerator, the system is said to be able to detect an enemy drone at more than 16,400 feet to blast it out of the sky.

The cost per laser blast is estimated around a dollar per shot.

They go on to say that there are many reasons why Polaris Defense MZRZR’s are so valued by U.S. Special Operations – not to mention the civilian model is wildly popular throughout the country.

Designed for extreme performance in the toughest terrains, the MRZR is a small, ATV. Both variants also reach a max speed of around 60 mph with 88HP engines. To ensure maximum agility, the ATVs are built with a low center of gravity.

The MRZR can carry 1,000 pounds, while the MRZR 4 can carry an additional 500 pounds.

Definitely air transportable, the MRZRs regularly catch flights with CV-22 tiltrotor military aircraft to support teams gaining access to targets and to provide laser protection support.

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