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Video: Showing Off For The Girls; Instant Gymnast

Girl, watch how I handle this 3-hunny. You know how it is when you have your shiny 300EX with dune flag, the wide open beach and the attention of a young lady with her cell phone- time to put on a little show. Unfortunately for this showman, the sand gets the better of him pretty […] More »

  Comments | By - May 9, 2019

Ask the Editors: Engine Swap Concerns

Close cousins. Dear ATVC: I just bought a 1993 Honda FourTrax 300EX that needs a ton of work; plastics are toast as is the seat and bars. Then found a 1987 FourTrax 250X in really good condition at a reasonable price; less then what new plastics alone would cost. So, My question is this: Will […] More »

  Comments | By - June 18, 2018

Video: How Not to Unload

All I gotta do is pull up hard on these bars. This is Travis. It was dusk after a long day of trail riding, you can’t blame him for thinking getting out the ramps for unloading was overkill. Unfortunately for Travis, that would have been the far painless route.

  Comments | By - May 10, 2018

Ask the Editors: Beefier Shock for the Honda 3-Hunny

It’s shocking. Dear ATVC: I have a 2001 Honda TRX300EX and want to put a heavier shock on it. 1- Is it possible ? 2- Any recommendations? 3- Can it be done for under $250.00? We have all sorts of news for you. First the good- yes it is very possible and yes, we have […] More »

  Comments | By - April 22, 2018

FAIL: ATV Rider Vs. Ramps

You simply know things are about to go wrong here. Case in point: this guy without a shirt in the saddle of a Honda 300EX … and a Port-O-Potty behind him.

  Comments | By - March 16, 2017

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