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Ask The Editors: Kickstarter Part Help

This is the spindle you’re looking for. Dear ATVC: I got a 1986 Honda 200X and the main problem is the kick start shaft; it´s broken in the end, where the kick start pedal goes. So I´m trying to buy a new OEM part (28251-HB5-010) but when I search the part the Honda Fourtrax TRX200 […] More »

  Comments | By - February 10, 2019

Video: HISUN Motors USA Wants You to See Them Work

Even the Lego sets are bigger in Texas! Every day at approximately 6:30am, the lights are turned on in the main warehouse in McKinney, Texas, where all HISUN USA products are fully assembled and thoroughly inspected. An assembly line made up of approximately 50 hardworking men and women hand assemble and test every HISUN produced […] More »

  Comments | By - November 27, 2018

Ask The Editors: Decompression Depression

Can I just ditch the whole thing? Dear ATVC: I lost the spring on the decompression lever when I replaced my valves. Can I run the ATV without the decompression lever on the camshaft? Would doing so cause problems? Well without knowing the make/ model ATV and corresponding design of the decompression system, let’s start […] More »

  Comments | By - October 14, 2018

Ask the Editors: LT80 Part Identification Help

Dear ATVC: Reagrding the clutch assembly on a Suzuki LT80 , there is a little metal piece at the end of the crank shaft that spins something which drives an oil pump on top of the clutch cover so the metal piece is split in half. but I can’t find the part cause I don’t […] More »

  Comments | By - January 28, 2018

Ask the Editors: Help! I Loosened the Wrong Drain Plug

Dear ATVC: I went to change the oil in my new Coolster 110cc atv and instead of the drain plug I removed the smaller plug on the opposite side. A spring came out and then a small metal shaft. The shaft has a black plastic cap on one end and I’m not sure which end […] More »

  Comments | By - July 13, 2014