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ATV Industry Facts: Did You Know?

Still going… We all know their logo and have used their products at one time or another but did you know Energizer was founded back in 1896 as the American Electrical Novelty & Manufacturing Company. While they’re most known for their batteries, the company has made some interesting acquisitions throughout the years: Schick razors and […] More »

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ATV Industry Facts: Did You Know?

The secret of branding. The SxS market is hot right now! How hot? There are over 75 side-by-side brands at present and the list is growing constantly. However, starting a manufacturing facility from the ground up can often be a daunting task even for companies with preexisting distribution networks. The solution for many companies is […] More »

  Comments | By - August 10, 2018

ATV Industry Facts: Did You Know?

Remember the end of the movie ALIENS? It seems like something straight out of science fiction, or out of a superhero movie at the very least, but humans being assisted by robotic suits is sweeping the manufacturing industry. While assembly lines and robotics have revolutionized the way equipment like our automobiles and ATVs are manufactured, […] More »

  Comments | By - July 20, 2018

ATV Industry Facts: Did You Know?

Yamaha’s looking forward by looking back. Yamaha USA is about to make a splash in a new off-road (and on road) arena in the form of one of the longest standing vehicles around: the bicycle. Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, announces its complete line of Power Assist Bicycles for the U.S. market will be on display […] More »

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ATV Industry Facts: Did You Know?

Back from the future. One of the hottest selling segments of the entire off-road market is the super high-performance 1000cc side-by-side class. They’re sporty, they’re fast and they’re versatile. Until now, only a few of the larger brands have dominated this segment but China’s CFMoto has decided to shake things up with an entry of […] More »

  Comments | By - February 9, 2018

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