ATV Industry Facts: Did You Know?

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Back from the future.

One of the hottest selling segments of the entire off-road market is the super high-performance 1000cc side-by-side class. They’re sporty, they’re fast and they’re versatile.

Until now, only a few of the larger brands have dominated this segment but China’s CFMoto has decided to shake things up with an entry of their own: the potent Z10.

Powering this beast will be a fuel-injected 963cc, 8-valve V-twin. And there’s rumors of a factory turbo charged edition for extra thrust.

Maybe the coolest part of it all; they hired the services of an Austrian design firm to create a look that is not only Mad Max futuristic, but should separate it from the sea of RZRs, Mavericks, YXZs and Wild Cats.

Bonus Fact: One thing CFMoto has not been quick to talk about is the MSRP of the Z10. Theirs is usually a marketing strategy of sourcing parts globally to deliver prices considerably under the competition. If this is the case here, their Z10 could make a major impact.

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