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Ask The Editors: Just How Super Is a Supercharger?

Dear ATVC: Am considering having a Pro Charger supercharger installed on my UTV for duning but fear that doing so will destroy my machine’s trail-friendliness. Is the horsepower increase enough to make most machines too much to handle in technical terrain? The short and easy answer is “possibly”. In reality, it depends on what model […] More »

  Comments | By - April 30, 2012

Top 5 UTV Hero-Makers: Just Supply Your Own Cape and Tights

The simple fact that UTVs boast a heck of a lot more storage than a traditional ATV or buggy means that when something goes wrong in the middle of nowhere (and it always does), you are the one everyone turns to in the hopes of having something, anything tucked away to save the day. We […] More »

  Comments | By - March 29, 2012