Tech Tip 3 Submarine capablilities of polaris ATVs Revisited

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Tech Tip #3-1

Submarine capablities of Polaris ATV’s, Revisited

 Another area to give extra attention to is the front hubs. Waterundefined (and mud) easily enters through the plastic hub cap and washes away the grease causing accelerated wear because the factory still insists on using unsealed ball bearings.

It is only a matter of a few months of underwater activities before pulled bearings look like this.

The fix is to remove the hub, pry out the inner seal, pound out the undefinedbearings, clean the interior and the center spacer and replace the bearings with the generic double rubber sealed variety referred to as -2RS from a bearing supply house. From top to bottom, left to right, center spacer coated with rust, factory unsealed bearing, factory inner seal (that actually works!) and the double-rubber sealed type of bearing recommended for replacement.  

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